Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Untold Misery Of A School Boy-Part Seven

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No soul can be forever banned,
Eternally bereft,
Whatever falls from God’s right hand
Is caught into his left.
                                    -Edwin Markham
WARNING: The contents and images of this story may cause some pain and fear to some readers. Therefore I request those who are under treatment for psychosomatic disorders and cardiac problems not to read this story. Anyone going ahead is doing so at their own risk.
Rahul’s mother taught him the practice of offering prayers to God..
And in his prayers Rahul used to ask for some unusual grants from God..
“God, please make me a bigger cricketer than Sachin Tendukar,
God, please make me stronger than Arnold Schwarzenegger..
God please make me a better dancer than Michael Jackson..
God, please make me richer than Bill Gates so that I can build a huge castle in Beverly Hills for my Mom and Dad..”
“God this..God that..”
So on and so forth were his prayers that used to baffle God..
Sadly,all that is history as  little Rahul’s only prayer to God now is to grant him freedom from that hell…
Liberation from that misery and offer him a normal life to live..
That is all..
But little does Rahul know that the fate of humanity cannot be amended even by its CREATOR and that it is kept sealed and locked in an unopenable locker by Nature..
And also…..
Little does Rahul know that his final journey to that country has already begun from whose Bourne no traveler has ever returned..
Weeping loudly and almost going insane into a fit of rage as his whole frame was shuddering like a rural motor pump, Rahul went on screaming with pain for his mother from the deepest of the deepest wells of his voice..
His pain filled voice echoed, re echoed and circulated in that class room first…
In the dark corridors next…
And in the whole of the school last..
Listening to Rahul’s voice in absolute silence, the whole of the school building at that time was standing like a ghost in the darkness..
Suddenly all the nightly creatures and insects hovering around the class room stopped their movements and noises for a second and paid their attention to the unusual voice that disturbed the rhythm of their privacy..
They may not understand what that voice was…
But they were all able to measure the pain in that voice..
In a rage Rahul just went on weeping and screaming loudly for a few moments and stopped as his tired vocal chords refused to cooperate any further..
Tears were flowing down Rahul’s milky cheeks as his eyes were just looking around into darkness with fear and with the hope of finding some help in some form..
He was desperately searching for his mother through that darkness..
But the saddest part of the story is that Rahul is too young to realize that he will forever be confined to that solitary confinement..
He will never hear or see his beloved mother in his life time again even if he calls her a million times..
With so much of heaviness and discomfort in his head and with his vocal chords temporarily going numb.. 
Rahul just could not stay quite at one place..
He wept and wept and wept…
Not only due to his loneliness and darkness..
But also due to the unbearable trauma caused by the gripping diabolic fear that took hold of his whole mind and its complete network..
He wanted to come out of its grip but was unable to do so..
He went on weeping for a long time..
He is hungry, he is thirsty, he is angry and he is helpless..
Not able to cope up with that internal torture and trauma he started banging his head to the writing table..
He just went on banging and banging..
And banging..
And stopped..
As the whole of the nervous system in his brain got jammed and stopped functioning..
As a result,there is a terrible unmentionable pain in and around his head as there was a severe swelling on his forehead with mild bleeding..
During Rahul’s banging of his head all the tables in and around his writing table moved haphazardly making a loud noise in the whole of the class room..
The whole of the class room was aghast witnessing such a pathetic scene..
Irritated by so much of unusual movement around its territory
And irritated by the invasion of its privacy by some unforeseen force…
A thick skinned dark black Lizard, almost the size of the palm of Hercules moved in discomfort behind the small door of the window which was hardly two feet away from Rahul…
It could not identify the source so it lazily closed its eyes and went back to sleep..…
For a moment there was a terrible silence in that room as little Rahul,with his head resting on the table closed his eyes and remained so in a semi conscious state..
He was moaning pathetically in all sorts of physical and mental pain..
A few minutes passed in that fashion..
It was still raining very heavily out side..
The whole city of Hyderabad was still under a grip of darkness and rain as power supply to the city was interrupted due to that un seasonal rain..
The entire school was still filled with darkness and still filled with silent rain..
The dark cat was still unmoved and still observing Rahul and his plight..
With one foot up and one foot down, the time was still marching normally..
And exactly at that time..
When the two needles of the clock stood together in a deep embrace on one number in that dark night..
It happened...
And it all happened so suddenly..
A major twist in Nature took place..
The dark Cat that was observing Rahul for quite some time from a distance shivered as it received the shock of its life after clearly witnessing that twist in nature..
And with that shock..
It suddenly jumped off the place and started running through the dark corridors of the school meowing and yowling loudly, painfully and pathetically..
And rushing so through the dark corridors the shocked Cat ran away and vanished into deeper darkness..
But what shocked the black Cat was not Rahul’s screaming or weeping.
Not Rahul’s fate or destiny..
But the Cat was shocked to see “something” that it should not have seen..
Shocked by seeing “something” that was beyond human comprehension..
Shocked because by seeing that “something” it lost its vision..
Shocked because with that loss of vision it became blind forever and ever....
And with that forever blindness the fear filled Cat ran away..
And ran away frightened by what it has seen..
But what was that SOMETHING that the Cat has seen..
That “something”..
That is beyond human comprehension and human nature…
What was …..
Continued in the Untold Misery Of A School Boy-Part Eight