Thursday, January 13, 2011

Please Wait For An Important Story

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Dear Friends,
Greetings to all..

It has been a long time since I have posted something on my blog and I have tendered apologies for that too..
I also know that unlike me all of you are very kind hearted and will definitely bear with me for my long absence from the blogosphere..
With that said,I should also thankfully confess that there are a few precious followers who have been following my blog and my writings very closely and more importantly some of them are notable personalities from the field of literature and entertainment..
Secondly,My story on the school boy is still pending and am going to complete it in a short time..
There are a few friends who often question me about it..but i honestly say am not going to disappoint them..
Above all these things there is a very very important story am currently writing and I am dead eager to share it with you all..The only reason being that it is so close to my heart and my entire life is associated with that..

Recently I met a man after twenty five years.(I must have told a zillion times to myself that"God,why did I meet this man and why did you author this meeting..")
The conversation that took place between the two of us has frozen me to say the least and forced me to write this story even if it costs me my time,my profession,my career or my everything..
I have decided that I should write this story..
And am already writing...And will post it very shortly..
Please wait for this very important true story with the title,"AM STILL WAITING FOR THIS LADY" that will narrate some thing that happened in the Osmania University campus twenty five years ago...
My dear friends,
My whole life is very deeply associated with that happening..
So please wait..
Till that time..
Very honestly yours