Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Am Still Waiting For This Lady-Part-Five

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                   "If you are in love...
                           Love like you'll never be hurt, 
                           You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,                                               
                           Sing like there's nobody listening, 
                          And live like it's heaven on earth." 

It was not as easy as I thought to come out of the shock that I have received on that day.
I was loosing confidence in myself as my mind was vacillating between quite a lot of negative and positive theories and calculations.
Spent most part of the night sleepless.
Woke up in the morning but decided not to go to college that day.
My friend who came to me was shocked to hear my decision.
I convinced him and in the name of college both of us went to a popular Hindi film”Deewar...."
We don't remember how many times both of us have seen that film earlier as we lost count of it...
Whereas I watch it any number of times for the great Amitabh Bachchan,my friend shall watch it for the vivacious Neetu Singh.
(While narrating a script when I told the legendary Mr.Amitabh Bachchan that I watched his “DEEWAR” in my Sixth class he smiled and said”you are reminding me my age”)
With the passing of the day I started mustering courage that gave me enough pep to go to the bus stop the next day..
My friend reminded me that as decided on that eventful Monday I shall go to the bus stop all alone and that he shall come to my Nizam college during the lunch hour to get the updates from me.
And on the morning of that Wednesday...
I woke up and for the first time prayed to God before leaving for the bus stop all alone...
Slowly reached the bus stop.
Went and sat on the iron bar.
And exactly at 9.10 A M...
I saw Ms.Gorgeous coming towards the bus stop.
As usual she came walking very slowly and settled on her throne.
There was a terrible silence in the bus stop at that  time.
Even the sound of the gentle breeze was clearly audible along with the sounds of the vehicle horns blown miles away.
Soothing my thoughts there was a mild fragrance gently circulating in the air.
I know that it was from the perfume Ms.Gorgeous uses.
Five minutes passed like that in all silence.
Only two of us were there in the bus stop.
As she was sitting behind me I have a feeling that she was watching me from behind.
I thought It is not as easy as we men think,to portray that bold look when we are actually alone in front of the girl whom we are trying to impress....
I was fully tensed up.
My mouth was drying up..
But I know I have to perform and impress her with my singing....
Counting ten to one on my fingers I tried to gather some courage and slowly started humming a song.
I thought I was humming but the tune was refusing to come out of my vocal chords.
I started motivating myself like fast bowler Sreeshanth does while bowling...
Just within myself... 
"Chalo one,two,three…
Once again…."
Once again the song refused to come out of the walls of my voice…
I tried again..
Vooohooo...tune not coming out..
"Iski maakaaa bosh…..."
No gaalis..I should be decent…
Have patience…try again…"
I was motivating and counseling myself
I did not complete…
Her bus came and without paying even a milligram of an attention to me she ffff..errr..went off….
I kicked the ground very hard.
Suddenly I heard someone laughing at me very loudly.
I also heard someone saying
”You idiot,a good for nothing fellaaaa”
I got up crossed the road and went to the opposite side of the bus stop.
From there looked carefully towards the bus stop.
No doubt....It is confirmed...The bus stop laughed and gave those compliments to me.
”Let me grow I shall definitely bombard this bus stop”.
With that statement I boarded the bus to my college.
In my college
We had a Persian Lecturer by name Zainab Arastu,who used to teach us English literature.
To say the least she was a Statue Of Venus made of marble stone.
Only after seeing her I could understand why Persians are rated as the most beautiful women in the world and why King Shajehan married a Persian beauty called Arjumand Banu Begum(Mumtaz Mahal) in whose memory he later built the famous Taj Mahal.
Attending her class and listening to Romantic poetry from her was always a pleasure and on that day it gave me some relief too.,,
During the lunch time...
My friend who came rushing to my college with all the excitement to hear some good things from me was disappointed with my narration..
He had to bear with my frustration by paying for the samosas and teas in my college canteen. 
Later my great friend offered me a cigarette. 
I have seen many heroes in many films lighting a cigarette in moods of frustration. 
I thought am no less than a hero.
Took it from my friend's hands.
Lighted it with as much style as possible and inhaled the smoke very deeply using all my physical energy...
That was the first and the last time I touched a cigarette in my life...
I almost died with that strong and pungent smoke of the cigarette traveling through all the holes of my body burning me alive..
And after that..
For a few minutes I was a laughing stock to all the other notorious gangs in the canteen.
One of them even said
”..Abey o dakkhan,..marjayegaa re…cigarette phookhna aata nahin toh humse poochte..khud ko kyun jala rahen ho..”
Since I was a very popular guy in the college, no one could dare to laugh loudly in front of me but I definitely heard a few giggles and a few in female voices too.
I....c..o..u..l..d not
Still coughing I shouted’’,,Tera baap ka kya jaara bey bose d k..chup baith na..."
He kept quite..
But can there be anything more brutally precarious situation than this for a popular teenager that too studying in a college known for educating the most beautiful and gorgeous girls of the city.
I thought my saga of problems is endless.
And as a result my friend had to pledge his gold ring to take me to a movie.
The next day I went to the bus stop as per my time.
She did not come. I waited for half an hour but she didn’t come.
That really surprised me.
Next day too she didn’t come.
That shocked me.
On the third day too she didn’t come.
I was terrified to say the least.
For the fourth consecutive day she didn’t turn up.
I started smelling something fishy.
As per the understanding I had with my friend I was going alone to the bus stop all the days. 
My friend used to come to my college.Hear my disappointment.Pacify me.And go home 
That is all.
He had done enough and what else can he do.
On the fifth day..
I was not interested in going to the college,but my friend literally pushed me out of my house.
Before leaving for the bus stop I offered prayers to almost all Gods of literally all religions in the world.
Then started walking slowly towards the bus stop.
Reached the bus stop.
Sat on the iron bar.Looked around....
No signs of her coming.
I was disappointed...Depressed..
I know that he who sings scares away his woes
At that point of time I did exactly that.
Very involuntarily started humming my favorite...
“Hai apna dil toh awara,na jane kis pe aayega”
Humming that famous Hemant Kumar song deep from my heart,I went into a world of my own.
Continued for a good two minutes.
I was alone in the bus stop enjoying the song.
With a sudden jerk...
I came into the normal world as the sound of a bus coming and stopping in front of me disturbed my rhythm...
I fully opened my eyes...
With some doubt knocking on the inner walls of my mind...
And with some familiar fragrance literally hugging me...
I turned my head..
And received the biggest..
Shockingly bigger than the biggest shock of my life...
I don’t know when she came.
Ms.Gogeous who was silently listening to my humming till that time,
Just got up from her throne..
Turned her head towards me...
Gave a very gentle smile...
Definitely in appreciation of my singing..
Still looking at me..
Slowly walked towards the bus,gently boarded it..
And after boarding..
Turned her head back..
Looked at me again,..
And again has thrown at me that invisible Monalisa sort of a smile...
Went inside and settled down in her seat..
It all happened in a few seconds...
As I was still looking at her in utter disbelief..
The bus slowly moved on and finally vanished out of my sight...
Oh.... My.......God...
I looked at the skies..
Found around thousand Moons and ten thousand Rainbows smiling at me..
Looked to my right....
Found foam filled waves of the Arabian Sea coming towards me..
Looked to my left..
Found Bay Of Bengal greeting me..
Looked down...
And found the beautiful Valley Of Flowers of the great Himalayas kissing my feet..
Oh God...
Whatttta feeling..
How to bear with this...
Then William Shakespeare appeared before me and described my feelings in his own inimitable style...
Merrily, merrily shall I live now,
under the blossom that hangs on the bough..
Continued in "Am Still Waiting For This Lady-Part-Six"

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