Sunday, February 20, 2011

Am Still Waiting For This Lady

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Dear Friends,Whether or not you all believe-- this is the true story of a very graceful lady,her life,her passion and her feelings.Though I have a very vital role to play in this story,  it only has a lesser significance.I very strongly feel that people around the world should know about this great lady of exemplary character whom I shall keep adoring until God himself decides to fall in love with me.....
Am Still Waiting For This Lady
Still after twenty five years..
Still with my eyes wide open and..
Still with a bouquet in My hands and..
Still with the same smile and...
Still with my heart almost going breathless with every passing day...
Waiting to convey that..
Osmania University in Hyderbad,India is a picturesque location spread over 1600 acres(6kms) of green lands.
With beautifully laid out black top roads having green black berry trees on both their sides,Osmania University is one of the oldest modern universities in India and is a must watch for every student and for that matter every human being.
Even today,except an occasional city bus and a few bikes, one will not find much of a traffic moving on these roads.
If this is the scenario now..
One can then imagine how this university was twenty five years ago...
It was just spectacular..
Just the more serene and just the more peaceful than what it is today.
And in that spectacular university there is a beautiful bus stop under a huge Black berry tree. This is called the ladies hostel bus stop as it is just opposite the OU ladies hostel.
No one knows when this bus stop was erected but it is there even today,though in a slightly dilapidated condition...
And twenty five years ago..
On a quite day..
In that bus stop..
I have seen the most beautiful,gorgeous,pretty and above all the most graceful lady of my life.
This whole story is about that lady and that lady alone…
With a mind conquering grace and a more captivating enigmatic smile,this lady is still there vivid and active in my memory today and shall remain to be there for a life beyond life.
That is the aura and that was the magic she has cast over me.
I,as a student of graduation used to board my bus in this bus stop to my college,The Nizam college,one  of the oldest, popular and the most celebrated colleges of not only Hyderabad but also of India...
It was this college that produced some rare gems like Sarojini Nayudu,M L Jaisimha,Shyam Benegal,Asif Iqbal,Rakesh Sarma,Mohd.Azharuddin,our Andhra Pradesh CM Kiran Kumar Reddy etc...
For me,life in those days was naughty as it ought to be and I was always on a song with so much to do in so little a time..
During one such days..
It was a lazy morning in the month of August..
It was around 9AM and I as usual was late to the college..
Normally at that time of the day only me and my friend used to be there in the bus stop with literally no one else around..
Sitting in the bus stop and waiting for the bus,both of us used to sing old Hindi songs loudly..
Really loudly....
And on that day too...
Both of us were waiting for our bus in the bus stop..
In a chorus and like a national anthem we were singing “mere sapnoki rani kab aayegi tu..”very loudly..
While singing I turned my head and started looking into the direction of the bus..
My singing stopped as I didn’t find the bus coming but found a young lady coming slowly towards the bus stop..
She was wearing a Red color salwar kameez and even from a distance gave me the impression that she is an extremely gorgeous lady..
As I was curiously watching her,she slowly walked towards the bus stop and sat comfortably in the vacant cement sofa in the bus stop..
At that time I was casually sitting on the iron bar in the front side and my friend was standing in front of me..
I was stunned by her beauty to say the least and was left dumb for almost some time..
After a few minutes my bus came..
I looked at my friend..he understood..
And we let the bus go..
Another came..same result..
I wanted to know which bus she will be catching and which college will she be going to..
I tried to look at her but she was busy waiting for the bus..
Me,my friend and Ms. Gorgeous..
Only three of us were there in the bus stop..
And in an absolute silence..
She was waiting..
I was waiting..
We were all waiting…
And finally her bus came and as everyone in the bus were watching with curiosity,she quietly boarded the bus..
I tried to move and was almost moving..
And before me and my friend could realize what was happening the lucky bus carrying the beautiful lady left us and left the bus stop..
I was shocked and mouth fully cursed my friend for not advising me to catch that bus..
Continued In"Am Still Waiting For This Lady-Part Two

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