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Am Still Waiting For This Lady-Part Two

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                                              Come to me in my dreams, and then
                                              By day I shall be well again!
                                              For so the night will more than pay
                                              The hopeless longing of the day

After the bus left I have realized that there is no point in cursing my poor friend..
But at the same time several questions crowded my mind..
Who is she..what is she studying..????
Which college..did she come there only on that day..????????
Or is she going to come there regularly..??????
If she is a regular,how is that I have not seen her before..will she come again the next day…????????
Damned-who will answer these questions..???
“God..pleaseee..please appear before me for some time and answer these easy questions..I very badly need your help..O My dear nice God,please understand..”
I was so desperate not because that I have not seen more gorgeous girls before that,but for sure no one shook me so r..o..m..a..n..t..i..c..a..l..l..y..
What to do..????
May be that was love at first sight..
(At a matured age,am laughing at this silly statement now..but was I not right for that tender age friends..???)
After that I was in no mood to go to the college..
In an utter frustration,I first checked my friend’s pocket ..Found thirty rupees..
Checked mine. Found twenty..
Not baaaadddd..We can still manage a movie..
We went to a popular Hindi film titled "Khel Khel Mein.."
That was the millionth time we were watching that film and that was the billionth time the film was being shown in Hyderabad since its first release God knows when....????
While watching the movie I found that many of those who have come to the theater have actually come there to do everything except watching the movie and the remaining all except me(you must trust me) have literally come there to visually measure those exceptionally outrageous physical properties of Neetu Singh..
And out of those few I bet I was the only stupid cum idiot in the whole of the theater watching only her face(Heyy..what's that look,am normal oh kay)
Finally,I looked around and found that even my great friend was no exception..
And..As a matter of fact I have to very honestly confess that even today my friend is a great fan of not only beautiful ladies but also of every female irrespective of her country,caste,color,creed,size,height,religion, her statistics, her radius n circumference and all her other vital dimensions and measurements etc.....
While watching the movie my frustration was growing in full throttle watching Rishi Kapoor romancing vivacious mini blue frock wearing Neetu Singh in the song... 
"Ek main Aur Ek Tuuu.."..
Please stop here for a moment friends..
Many say that there is a great chemistry between Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh,but I wonder why is that they don't call it Zoology when what was happening between them was actually a part of the biological process and not a chemical process..????
This doubt like my many other doubts still remains uncleared!!! 
After that,with one foot up and one foot down that day too passed with a great difficulty and the next day arrived..
Both of us friends filled with great eagerness,curiosity and anxiety ended up in the bus stop at 8.55 AM sharp..
The count down began..
Our waiting began..
And it continued for a difficult fifteen minutes..
Will she..or..will she not..will she or will she not..???
And to my great relief..
At 9.10 am…
I found her slowly,casually,carefully and almost counting every step.. c..o..m..i..n..g towards the bus stop..
I bet even top models around the world today do not display similar grace when they crazily walk on ramps of the fashion world....
As I was eagerly observing..
She slowly reached the bus stop and settled down on her throne..
With one deep look at her I found that she is that rare cocktail of those all time great beauties like Moonmoon Sen(portrait),Marilyn Monroe(grace)Moushmi Chaterjee(Smile)Meena Kumari(sweetness)..hmmmm...what else..Oh yeah..Neetu Singh the vivacious(??)and of course my pop diva Samantha Fox(????)…
Unmindful of my observation and my wild imagination she was sitting quietly in the bus stop looking into the direction of the bus....
That was really hurting my ego as she was not paying any attention to me...
Forget attention,she was not even noticing my presence....
Ohhh..Come on yaar..its too much..I can’t take it....
I felt that it was causing a serious dent to the handsome boy image I was enjoying in the college and in the friends’ circle at that time..
So on so forth was my thought process....
At that time..And
Exactly at that moment…It happened..
She casually..very very casually..
l..o..o..k…e..d at meeeeeee..
That was hardly for a second and even for that one second she looked straight into my eyes...
Her looks have send nuclear waves all through my body..
I cannot forget the priceless look of that gorgeous lady that will be haunting me for many more lives to come..
As the serious dent caused to my handsome boy image was slowly vanishing,I broke into great raptures internally and looked at heavens as Sachin Tendulkar looks at them after scoring a century..
And that ecstatic state involuntarily reminded me a wonderful quote by Cervantes-
                                           "The eyes those silent tongues of love.."
Me,My Friend and Ms.Gorgeous..
Only three of us were there in the bus stop at that time..
For a moment I had this ugly thought of killing my friend whom I suddenly felt was a big invader on our privacy..
After some breathless moments and senseless thoughts..
Her bus came..
Come what may we,the shameless,boarded the same bus along with her and got down at the same place she got down..
We followed her very carefully and finally found that she walked into the Kothi women’s college, another famous college in Hyderabad,unfortunately only for women..
And there is no way that I can enter inside..I told myself..
So what to do..
Still Ohhhhhhhhhkkkkkkkk..We could find her college at least..
So far so good..
Then I finally looked around with pride and heaved a great sigh of relief..huh..
Tenzing Norgay may not have carried that pride in his eyes when he looked at the world after scaling the Himalayas and reaching the summit of Mt.Everest..
What a relief..and what a joy..!!!!
This joy of mine made my friend poorer by a few bucks as he had to pay for ten plates of pani puri that we have consumed near the Sultan Bazaar bus stop..
Now..Task one accomplished..
Another big relief for me was that she is going to come to the ladies hostel bus stop every day and also at the same time..
9.10 AM..
Ok..Fine...But it also means that I have to be in the bus stop everyday at only 9 AM,and not before that..
But My first period is at 9 AM..
So what yaar…????I shouted at myself..
Not a difficult choice..
And after that day I have never attended my first period in the whole of that year..
Later it has become a daily routine for three of us to gather in the bus stop almost at the same time..
And the biggest celebration for me used to be on the day when my friend could not accompany me to the bus stop..
On those days only me and Ms.Gorgeous used to be there in the bus stop obviously waiting for the bus..
And during that trying and testing period I did everything to capture her attention..
Just to say a simple "Hi.." to her I used to do a lot of practice and rehearsal at home- before the mirror,during the bath etc....
But all my efforts used to fail miserably the moment I used t see her entering the bus stop..
My body used to shiver with body quake and I used to have palpitation with severe sweat in my palms..
I had enough opportunities on many occasions and on many occasions only two of us used to be there in the bus stop but still I used to shiver like a tree struck in whirlwinds and never had the guts at least to smile at her..
Almost a month passed like that with many futile attempts and my friend whom I thought was more valiant than me used to push me a lot by pumping in a lot of courage while going to the bus stop but used to hold my shoulder tightly the moment she used to walk into the bus stop..
What is more pathetic is that even our singing went for a toss as just the three of us used to sit silently in the bus stop as if posing for a still  photograph..
Come what may,
I was keen on knowing her name at least,but failed on that front too..Even my friend,a self styled Sherlock Holmes too failed miserably..
So howwwww….????Howww..???Howwwwwwwwwwww...??????????
Who will tell thattttttttt…????
I asked God...
And the reply came from a devil..
Continued In "Am Still Waiting For This Lady-Part Three"

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